Dakota Curling – Lakeville, Minnesota USA

Lakeville Registration Tips

Registration for leagues in our new Lakeville is coming up soon, and we have a totally new registration system to boot! Here are some tips on how to navigate the new system.

First of all, members who are current year curlers with us in our Fall season in Burnsville have already had accounts created in the new registration system. These folks should all visit http://dakotacurling.leagueapps.com/welcome to set a password and complete their member profile page before priority registration opens on Saturday.

All other returning and new members will need to create an account before they register. You can optionally choose to link to your Facebook profile, or make a local account instead if you don’t want to link to Facebook. We think you’ll really like the player profiles in our new system – please be sure to upload a photo and fill out all your profile details!

Most of our leagues will continue to accept registrations for both single players and full teams. A few leagues are restricted to single players (we will make up teams) and one league is limited to full teams only (the business league on Monday night).

Registering a Full Team

fullteamTo register a full team, the Skip should register first and create the team, using the registration option “Team Skip”.  At the conclusion of the registration sequence, you’ll be asked to fill out your roster and send invitations to your other players. Ask your players to watch for their invite and join your team as soon as possible – unlike in our old reservation system your individual player positions are not guaranteed for them until they actually register.   You will not have an unlimited time period to complete your team as you have in the past;  if the league starts to fill we will be assigning individual curlers to open spots on existing teams.

Registering as an Individual

individualRegistering as an individual is dead easy.  Just choose the individual curler option at registration time and select what your preferred position is.  We’ll let you know as soon as you’ve been placed on a team. Please keep in mind that your registration may not be finalized until we are able to place you on a team.  If we are unable to place you on a team for any reason and you have already paid your dues, we will offer to move you to a different league or will refund your registration fee if nothing else works for you.

Registering as a Partial Team

partialIf you are registering with a spouse or a friend and you’d like to stay together on the same team, we recommend that you register as a “Partial Team” so that we know to keep you together when making up teams.  The process for this is very similar to registering a whole team:  the first person to register creates a Partial Team and then sends invites to other players to join at the end of the registration process. Similarly to registering as individual, your registration is not officially finalized until we assign you to a team, and if we unable to do so the same refund rules apply.

Returning Members with Priority Registration Access

We want to make sure that our loyal club members have first choice for league dates and times that they’d like to play.  You’ve stuck with us during our developing years and you deserve first place in line!  Curlers who have played with us any time in the last three years have received an email with a special invitation to access registration beginning at 12:01  on Saturday October 1st.  (Yes, that is just after midnight, Friday night!).

We are asking that you please do not forward this access link to other individuals.  HOWEVER, if you are registering a full team, and you would like to invite new members to join our club to play with you, you can absolutely send invitations to those players to join your team roster and they will be able to join your team during the priority registration window.

The Priority registration window is extremely short – only 72 hours!  Open registration begins Tuesday October 4th at 9:00 am.  Returning members may continue to register for leagues once general registration opens but they will no longer have priority.

If you have any questions about registration ahead of time, or any problems during registration itself, please reach our to Leslie Adair, our League Manager, at leaguemgr@dakotacurling.org.

We look forward to seeing you in our new home in Lakeville!


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