Dakota Curling – Lakeville, Minnesota USA

The 5 and Under Spiel


This is a great entry-level spiel for players on the newish side of curling who want to play against other teams of a similar experience level!

  • February 9-11 2018
  • $300 Team Entry
  • Three game guarantee
  • Banquet and Party on Saturday night
  • Complimentary Bloody Mary Bar on Sunday morning

Register Online

All four players must have 5 or fewer years of curling experience.  Eligibility rules are as follows:

Players having curled five or more curling seasons shall not be eligible to compete.  Interpretation: Ten games per season anywhere constitutes a season; The curling season starts on June 1st and ends May 30th.  Junior curling but not Youth Curling, curling experience counts towards the five  curling seasons.  All substitutes shall be governed by eligibility rules above. Each participant is responsible for determining his/her eligibility.   The eligibility of team members  shall be certified to Dakota Curling at the time of registration.