Dakota Curling – Lakeville, Minnesota USA

Club Playdowns

This year Dakota Curling will introduce an official Club Playdown event.  The Top 5 teams from each Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 draw will be eligible to compete at no additional cost.  This will be the Club League Championship and rankings will be used when Dakota selects teams to represent us at competitive events.

This season’s Club Playdowns are scheduled for Sunday, March 6 at your normal draw time.

Eligibility Rules

The top 5 teams from each Fall draw will earn a berth in playdowns.  At the conclusion of the Winter session, the top five teams in each draw from that session will also earn a berth, subject to the following limitations:

  • If a team consisting of 3 or more of the same players as a Fall team who already has a berth is qualified, they will be disqualified for a Winter berth and it will pass to the next team in line based on record in the Winter league.
  • If a team consisting of 2 of the same players as a Fall team who has already earned a berth is qualified, the winter team will have the option of replacing those Fall players with substitutes from among the DC membership and may retain the berth.
  • If a team consisting of only one player which overlaps a Fall team with a confirmed berth also earns a berth in Winter, the duplicate player may choose which team to play for and the other team may find a substitute or play three-handed.

Team rankings will be determined by win-loss records.  Ties will be broken by number of points earned.

Early league Fall will play Early league Winter and likewise for Late playing Late.  This will result in an Early Club Champion and a Late Club Champion.

Teams earning berths 2-5 in each draw will be playing for fun and bragging rights.

Questions regarding these Club Playdowns can be directed to the League Manager, Patrick Kelly.