Dakota Curling – Lakeville, Minnesota USA

Coaching / Private Lessons

Need some extra time one-on-one with a curling pro?  We offer both private lessons and competitive coaching for teams and individuals!

Private Lessons

These sessions are primarily for general skill development and can help individual curlers improve balance and delivery, strengthen sweeping skills, and increase accuracy in shot-making.  It may include video analysis when working on improving delivery.  These sessions are suitable for both beginners and intermediate curlers and content can be tailored to the needs of the individual curler.  $25 / half hour for singles, $35 / half hour for a pair

Competitive Coaching

Teams or Individuals who wish to curl competitively may wish to work with a private coach.  These sessions will generally be appropriate for intermediate and advanced curlers and in addition to delivery coaching may cover such topics as advanced strategy, game management, nutrition and exercise, mental stamina, and team dynamics.  Competitive coaches have additional training specifically in developing individuals and teams for competition at a more elite level.  $45 / half hour for a single or $80 / half hour for a team

Private lessons and competitive coaching are arranged by prior appointment only. Please email coaching@dakotacurling.org to discuss your needs and book a session.