Dakota Curling – Lakeville, Minnesota USA

Dakota Curling League Rules

Dakota Curling follows all the general rules of curling as published by the USA Curling Association and the World Curling Federation. In addition, the following club rules also apply.


  • Teams consist of a minimum of 3 and maximum of 4 players.
  • You must have at least 2 members from your roster, with a maximum of 2 subs.
  • Fewer than 3 players or 2 roster players results in a forfeit.


  • At the start of each draw, a 90 minute timer will be set.  When this timer expires you should finish the end being played and play one more end.
  • The vice skips from each team conduct a coin toss.  The winner chooses the hammer or color of stone.
  • Draws have a maximum of 8 ends.
  • If the game is tied after the final end, proceed to a skip’s draw:
    • Each team skip will throw one stone, sweeping is allowed.
    • After the first stone comes to rest, mark the spot and remove the first stone before throwing the second.
    • After the second stone comes to rest, the vice skips agree on which was closer to the button.  That team wins.
  • After each game, report the score and number of ends won via score card or email to the league manager (leaguemgr@dakotacurling.org)
  • The Free Guard Zone rule is in effect.  An explanation and diagrams can be found here.

Stone Delivery and Sweeping

  • Stones must be delivered from the hack, and released before the near hog line.
  • A stone must fully cross the far hog line OR touch another stone in play to be considered in play.
  • A stone that touches a side line is out of play.
  • A stone that fully crosses the back line is out of play.
  • Between the tee lines, teams may sweep their own stones, with no limit to the number of sweepers.
  • Past the far tee line, teams may sweep stones from either team.  ONLY ONE SWEEPER ALLOWED PER TEAM.
  • If you burn (touch) a stone:
    • In between the hog lines —  call the burn and remove the stone immediately.
    • Past the hog line — call the burn, allow play to continue, ask the opposing skip what they would like to do.


  • Sportsmanship – Start and end each game with a handshake and “good curling”.
    • NEVER cheer against your opponent, or engage in trash-talking.
  • Positioning – When the opposing team is throwing:
    • Sweepers — Stand between the hog lines and on the side lines.
    • Thrower — Stand behind the hack.
    • Skip — Keep out of the way of the throwing team’s skip.
  • Rate of Play – Play quickly.  While curling is a very strategic game, and it’s fun to plan a tricky or interesting shot, be courteous of your opponents by minimizing discussion time.  This is especially important due to the imposed time limit.
  • Scheduling Conflicts – If you cannot curl on a given week, you will be expected to find your own sub.  Please review our sub policy for more information about substituting. It is poor form to be absent without notice, especially if your team must forfeit which therefore also wastes the opponents time as well.
  • Broomstacking – While not required, it’s tradition to join your opponents for a drink/socializing after a game.  Winner buys the first round!

Last Updated: 03-16-16