Dakota Curling – Lakeville, Minnesota USA


Please Note: The membership categories, rates, and league structures below relate to our operation on Arena Ice in Burnsville through December 2016.  Our League schedule for our Lakeville Location is not yet finalized. Registration for leagues in Lakeville will open October 1st, and members who have played with us in Burnsville during the last three years will have a 72 hour pre-registration window before registration opens to the general public.  Please join our mailing list to receive an announcement when the Lakeville league schedule is announced. 

Please also take our survey and tell us what league formats, days and times you are interesting in playing!


Dakota Curling runs leagues in three seasons, Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Players are welcome to sign up as complete teams or as partial teams and we will match up players as needed.

To join Dakota Curling leagues, players must pay an annual membership fee of $60 which covers insurance, membership dues in our national and regional organizations, and maintenance and upkeep of club curling equipment.  The only exception is our Spring Instructional League which is meant to welcome new players to the game and does not require membership to participate.

All our leagues are “open” meaning that any combination of men and women may play together on a team. We also welcome responsible older teens, especially if playing with a family member on the same team.  At this time we do not offer any youth-only leagues.

Membership Categories

Membership Type

League Member

Sub Only

Social Member

Annual Cost

$60 + $160 per league



Member Privileges

Unlimited leagues, unlimited substituting, USCA/MCA Membership, voting rights, eligible for the Board of Directors

No league privileges, unlimited substituting, USCA/MCA Membership, voting rights

No league privileges, sub twice per season, USCA/MCA Membership, voting rights

Instructional League

This introductory league plays on Sunday afternoons, October through December, and is geared toward players who are new to the game or have not played in many years.  The league integrates weekly instruction with game play and is a great league for building skills and confidence in the game quickly.  Players typically register for this league as individuals and the club makes up teams, although you are welcome to register as a team if you have four friends who want to learn and play together.

This league does not require membership in Dakota Curling and is a very cost-effective way to get familiar with the game. For more information on this league, please see the league page below.

Fall 2016 Instructional League

Open Leagues

During the Fall session we will offer a 9-week open league at 7:30 pm on Sundays.  Our Winter and Spring seasons are still being developed so please check back soon or join our mailing list if you’d like an announcement when these dates are released.


Plays mid-October to mid-December

9 games

$160 per league

For exact dates and registration, see the league page below.

Fall 2016 Open League


Plays January to mid March

Schedule pending – check back soon!


Plays late March to the end of May

Schedule pending – check back soon!

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