Dakota Curling – Lakeville, Minnesota USA

Membership & Seasons

To join Dakota Curling leagues, players must pay an annual membership fee of $60 which covers insurance, membership dues in our national and regional organizations, and maintenance and upkeep of club curling equipment.  New curlers may choose to play in our Instructional League during their first season.  This league is designed to welcome new curlers to the sport and does not require that you join the club as a member first.

For complete details about membership privileges or to register as a member without joining a specific league please visit our online registration system.

Membership Categories

Membership Type

League Member

Social Member

Annual Cost

$60 + $150 per league


Member Privileges

Unlimited leagues, sub twelve times per year, USCA/MCA Membership, voting rights, eligible for the Board of Directors

No league privileges, sub six times per year, USCA/MCA Membership, voting rights

Curling Seasons

Dakota Curling runs leagues from October – May and breaks the year up into three 8 week seasons:  Fall, Winter, and Spring.  Your annual membership dues permit you to play in all three seasons if you wish.

Fall 2016

Sundays Only

Burnsville Ice Center

October 9 – December 11

Winter 2017

Sunday – Friday

Holyoke Plaza, Lakeville

January 20 – March 16

Spring 2017

Sunday – Friday

Holyoke Plaza, Lakeville

March 19 – May 19